Blogging Strategies

Blogging may seem intimidating at first but there are some tricks and tips to be able to write a successful blog. You have to be a good writer and be able to be creative in order to interest people and get them to follow your blog. No one wants to read a boring blog and not know who the blogger is so you need to connect to you’re viewers in your post and personally talk to them over your blog and get to know them and this will help you know what to write about more and your viewers might tell their friends about you’re blog. In order to get the attention of your viewers you need to tell them an interesting story that has a lot of emotion in it and makes them be able to see what is going on in their head while they are reading you’re blog. Also, try to avoid things that tend to offend people like religion and politics or else you might loose half of you’re viewers because you offended them. Blogs about these topics are a decent idea if you only focus on one thing like a political side like if you just tried to appeal to all Christians and only talked about that and the life of a Christ follower. But do not have a blog about a different topic like sports and then say that gun control is a bad idea and abortions are wrong because you will loose a lot of you’re liberal or democratic viewers or they will get into a political debate on your blog and a lot of people will not like that and leave. So if you make a story that relates to you’re viewers and makes them want to read you’re blog then you should have a top-notch blog with a lot of viewers.

Here are some websites for more information about writing a good blog:

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